PARAFFIN Continuously Variable Transmission (DCT) FLUID is a high-performance fluid designed for use in dual-clutch transmissions. It is manufactured with the highest quality synthetic base oils and the performance package provides smooth shifting, anti-shudder performance and superior transmission response due to its optimized frictional characteristics, resulting in fuel economy benefits and wear protection for the transmission components.

Features and Benefits
• Wear protection, as with manual transmissions.
• Good synchonization properties for reliable gear changes.
• Good friction characteristics for precise frictional engagement and comfort.
• Excellent oxidation stability for long replacement intervals.
• Wet clutch suitable.
• High friction stability over the entire replacement interval
• High thermic stability.
• Best material compability, especially with electrical components.

It is intended for use in DCT, Dual clutch transmissions, where a fluid of this type, performance level and quality is recommended by the original equipment manufacturer.