PARAFFIN HYDRAULIC OIL AW ISO-150 is premium-grade hydraulic oils with good anti-wear properties providing protection in the most demanding of systems while still meeting ISO standards for hydraulic oil. It is specialy formulated for hydraulic devices of stationary or mobile equipment operating at high and very high operating temperatures. It also contains an effective anti-foam additive to facilitate the rapid release of air and reduce sponginess in system operation

Features and Benefits
• It contains antiwear, anti-oxidising, anticorrosion and antifoaming
• Low air retention/air entrainment properties.
• It is characterised by excellent demulsifying properties, sufficiently
low freezing point and a long service life.
• Low foaming properties.
• Shear stable properties.
• Good thermal stability properties.
• Resistance to oxidation properties.

Hydraulic recommended for both Industrial and off highway hydraulic systems. Other applications include: machining centre headstocks, centralised lubrication systems, hydrostatic drives, power steering, compressors, suspension units, tipping gear, airline lubricators, jacks, PTOs