PARAFFIN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID DEXRON VI is an extra high performance automatic transmission oil, formulated with high quality hydro-treated base stocks, shear stable viscosity index improvers and advanced additive system to meet or exceed the latest requirements of Ford Mercon and General Motors for Dexron VI specification. Suitable for passenger cars and commercial automatic transmissions, for use in applications like power steering systems, hydraulics and some manual transmissions where automatic transmission fluid is specified.
Features and Benefits
• Vibration free and very smooth gear shifting
• Outstanding oxidation stability for cleaner automatic transmission systems
• Extended fluid life with robust anti-wear protection for longer transmission component life
Recommended for all vehicles of Ford requiring MERCON® quality fluids and General Motors requiring DEXRON®- VI quality fluids.
Also recommended for power steering systems, hydraulic applications and certain manual transmissions where such type of fluids are specified.