PARAFFIN HYDRAULIC OIL AW ISO-100 is a quality anti-wear hydraulic oil provides ultimate protection against rust, oxidation, foaming and wear. With excellent vane or piston pump performance, outstanding thermal stability, low copper activity and superior hydraulic stability. It is recommended where there could be accidental fluid loss into the environment or where surface water contamination should be avoided. Application areas cover industrial, forestry and abyssal and decidedly in adaptable equipment. This can cover decay baptize analysis plants, reservoirs, waterways, parkland, drilling, backwoods machines, dredgers, river sluices and agriculture machines, etc. On ships, applications could cover bow thrusters, , propeller systems and deck machinery.

Features and Benefits
• The base fluid has been selected for its ability to provide good
lubrication under variety of applications.
• Good anti-wear and extreme pressure characteristics.
• Good anti-oxidant properties.
• Good air release and antifoam characteristics.
• Good water separation characteristics.
• Neutral odor and taste.

Hydraulic particularly designed to give maximum protection to both mobile and stationary hydraulic pumps in high perfor-mance industrial applications as well as in environmentally sensitive areas.