PARAFFIN Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) FLUID is a fully synthetic ultra-high performance CVT fluid formulated with selected base stocks and specially developed for use in the latest generation of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) – gearboxes which transfer traction via steel-made traction chain or push-belts. It is formulated on high refined synthetic base stock in combination with a unique additive package to reach the following properties.

Features and Benefits
• High Viscosity Index ensures adequate lubrication in both high
operating & lo starting temperatures.
• Outstanding metal-to-metal friction performances: CVT
• Transmission Fluid provides highs static and dynamic metal friction performances.
• Superior wear protection on both push-belt and pulleys elements and very good scuffing resistance on gears.
• Excellent low temperature properties provide easier start-ups and improved lubrication at low ambient temperatures.
• Very good thermal and oxidation stability for long and c
onsistent temperature performance.
• Effective foam control properties provide consistent shifting performance and reduce fluid losses in severe service.
• Excellent parts material compatibility.

It is recommended for service fill use in the passenger car, push-belt and chain-driven continuously variable transmission applications where CVT fluids are recommended only.