PARAFFIN Coolant Concentrate G11 is a concentrated product based on mono-ethyleneglycol and contains additives to protect against limescale, corrosion, foaming etc.Suitable for diesel and gasoline engines. Protect all open and closed cooling systems against frost and over-heating

Features and Benefits
• Extended coolant life
• Avoidance of cavitation damages, such as on the collant pump
• Compatibility with varnishes
• Compatibility with hose and sealing materials
• Avoidance of sediments, which can cause radiator plugging
• Avoidance of foaming

It is specially developed for passenger cars’ and light diesel vehicles’ radiators. PARAFFIN Coolant Concentrate G11 is a full mono ethylene glycol based coolant for a liquid cooled crankcase system. It contains anti-corrosion and antirust additives. It is harmless to rubber and does not foam or clog radiators.


ASTM D 3306 , ASTM D 4656 , ASTM D 4985 , ASTM D 5345
SAE J814C , SAE J1038 , SAE J1941 , SAE J1034