PARAFFIN MARINE TRUNK OIL – MDO is trunk piston engine oil designed for use in medium speed diesel engines applications. The modern additive technology used in this oil provides superior compatibility for engine cleanliness & protection. PARAFFIN MDO SAE30 & SAE40 viscosity grades with a BN (Base Number) of 12, 15 & 20.

Features and Benefits
• Superior detergent ensures piston and crankcase cleanliness.
• Improved anti-wear property minimizes engine wear and reduces
maintenance costs.
• Excellent high temperature and thermal stability
• Reserve BN ensures protection of engine parts against corrosive
combustion products.
• Prevent corrosion of engine parts in severe salt water

• It is recommended for medium speed engines used in marine,
power generation and industrial applications operating on
distillate fuels having sulphur contents up to 1.5 %. This
product is also suitable for older engines where liner-lacquer
is not a potential problem.
• Also recommended for general lubrication of shipboard
equipment where specialized lubricants are not required.

PARAFFIN Marine Trunk Piston Engine Oils (MDO) is trunk piston engine oil is available in SAE30 viscosity grade with BN (Base Number) are from 30 – 55. 3012, 3015, 3020, 4012, 4015, 4020