PARAFFIN COOLANT CONCENTRATE G12 is an engine coolant concentrate (antifreeze) based on monoethylene glycol and organic additive technology. Contains no nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, silicates and no other mineral additive

Features and Benefits
• Increased life time, allowing less frequent maintenance, thanks to
the corrosion inhibitors which have a very low depletion rate.
• Elimination of deposit problems caused by use of hard water.
• Improved anticorrosion protection of all metals and alloys used in
the cooling system of modern vehicles, especially the aluminum.
• Protection against frost, depending upon the concentration chosen.
• Excellent antifoaming characteristics.
• Meets most European and International Standards

It is specially developed for passenger cars’ and light diesel vehicles’ radiators. PARAFFIN Coolant Concentrate G12 is a full mono ethylene glycol-based coolant for a liquid cooled crankcase system. It contains anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives based on OAT technology.


ASTM D3306 , ASTM D4656 , ASTM D4985, SAE J 1034 .
BS 6580: 2010, VV Heft R443, UNE 26361-88