PARAFFIN COOLANT CONCENTRATE G12+ is an engine coolant concentrate (antifreeze) based on monoethylene glycol and organic additive technology. Contains no nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, silicates.

Features and Benefits
• It ensures a reliable protection of metals and alloys (brass, copper, alloy-treated steel, cast iron, aluminium) from all forms of corrosion, as well as prevents a high-temperature corrosion of aluminium surfaces of modern engines.
• It has an exceptional thermal stability. It protects from deposit formation.
• It has excellent heat conductivity properties and a resistance
to foam formation.
• It does not contain silicates, nitrates, phosphates and amines
(the NAP free technology).

It is specially developed for passenger cars’ and light diesel vehicles’ radiators. PARAFFIN Coolant Concentrate G12 is a full mono ethylene glycol-based coolant for a liquid cooled crankcase system. It contains anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives based on OAT technology.


AFNOR – NF R 15-601, ASTM – D3306, ASTM – D4985, BS – 6580, POLISH
STANDARD – PN-C-40007, SAE – J1034, VW TL-774 F (G12+), , MAN 324 SNF