PARAFFIN COOLANT CONCENTRATE G13 an engine coolant concentrate (antifreeze) based on monoethylene glycol and glycerine. This product employs the latest antifreeze technology which combines the benefits of both organic technology & traditional mineral (silicate) technology. Coolant Concentrate G13 is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines and has been introduced to meet the demands of OEMs who favour this combination of organic & silicate technology.

Features and Benefits
• Increased life time, allowing less frequent maintenance, thanks to
the corrosion inhibitors which have a very low depletion rate.
• Contains glycerine which is eco-friendly (renewable feedstock).
• Elimination of abrasives solids, resulting in better protection
of the joints of the water pump.
• Protection against frost, depending upon the concentration chosen.
• Excellent antifoaming characteristics.

It is specially developed for the cooling systems of passenger cars and light duty vehicles where a coolant meeting the requirements of G13 standard (VW TL 774 J) is required. Also compatible with coolants meeting former specifications: G12 (VW TL 774 D), G12+ (VW TL 774 F), G12++ (VW TL 774 G).


ASTM D 3306 , ASTM D 4656 , ASTM D 4985 , ASTM D 5345
SAE J814C , SAE J1038 , SAE J1941 , SAE J1034